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The NSBA Center for Safe Schools appreciates the generous contributions and in-kind support:

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a7e52059-1ebc-45e6-bc1e-e420955c3f60.jpgSword’s user-friendly mobile app interface, our infrared object detection camera and proprietary algorithms combined with our facial recognition software, instantly identifies concealed objects as well as persons of interest connected to a fully customizable cloud database. 

By using SWORD, the world’s most intelligent detection and recognition platform, school campuses can instantly detect and deter known threats to students and faculty. Mobilize security with real-time alerts and actionable intelligence.


Aetna_Logo_Violet__transparent_background___1_.pngThe health and well-being of the people in our communities is important to us. We believe that healthy communities lead to a healthier world.  We have made it our goal to incorporate a sense of mindfulness in to many of the events which we attend and support. 

We work year-round to encourage communities to live healthy and support our daily heroes.

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