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About NSBA Center for Safe Schools

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The NSBA Center for Safe Schools is an initiative of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) to support and ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff and the community.

The Center will provide resources and information around four key areas:

  • Infrastructure – physical buildings and facilities, where students and school staff spend most days
  • Crisis and Emergency Management - best practices for the prevention and management of critical events and emergencies
  • Whole Child Health – a child’s physical, mental, emotional, and overall wellbeing for success in academics, life and career; as well as community conditions that can affect areas such as nutrition, pollution and early-childhood education
  • Cyber Security - factors which reside in a virtual realm to support the positive engagement of students, families and community in the cyber domain and counter dangerous activities such as bullying, sexting, trafficking and other predatory practices within the online community

By promoting and developing collaborative relationships and open communication with state school boards associations, communities, educators, law enforcement, emergency responders and other entities concerned with school safety, the Center provides a national forum and platform by which students, parents, school district leaders and communities can educate, engage and be empowered to ensure our children have a safe place to learn