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Welcome to the Center for Safe Schools

  • 1.  Welcome to the Center for Safe Schools

    Posted 08-14-2019 10:12:00 AM
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    It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the Director for the National School Boards Association's Center for Safe Schools and to welcome you to this community. I am greatly looking forward to this opportunity and am excited to take on the work of supporting our subscribers in providing safe and secure environments for all students, staff and surrounding communities.  I have spent my career working in public education as a first teacher and school administrator in New York City Public Schools and most recently as a central office administrator in Washington, DC Public Schools, working in the areas of social-emotional learning, student behavior, bullying prevention and restorative justice.  Through these experiences I have learned that school safety goes far beyond just focusing only on security measures or individual programs, but rather with a shift from reactive to preventative measures, focusing on supporting the whole child, while also engaging schools, families and communities.  With this focus, I am ready to begin working together to make our schools and communities truly safe for all.

    In joining this community, you now have access to a national forum bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders with these shared interests and goals.  Throughout the year you will receive critical resources, information and best practices in the form of:

    • AllAccess Daily News Briefing - A daily news briefing selected from thousands of sources to keep you up to date on the latest news impacting school safety.
    • Webinars – A series of complimentary webinars through the year, featuring the nation's leading thought leaders, giving you the opportunity to interact with speakers and thinkers who are driving change in the field of school safety.
      • All webinars will be added to achieved in the resources section of the Center for subscribers who are unable to view them live.
      • Webinars are scheduled for February, May, August and November.
      • Communications will go out for any additional webinars that may be scheduled.


    • Quarterly Digital Newsletter – A quarterly newsletter providing unique content on national issues and best practices related to the Center for Safe Schools four key areas.
      • Newsletters are scheduled for January, April, July and October.
    • The Center for Safe Schools Online Discussion Group – Online discussion groups open to all subscribers to provide networking opportunities in an environment designed for sharing ideas and innovative thinking.
    • Access to the Subscribers Only Resource library – A digital library which includes articles, publications and webinars created specifically for the NSBA Center for Safe Schools.


    Additionally, please see the attached All Access Online Community Guide for information on how to:

    • Log in
    • Set up a profile
    • Browse documents and discussions on the network
    • Use discussion boards and emails


    If you have any questions or need any support, please reach out to me at alustig@nsba.org.




    Adam Lustig
    Director, Center for Safe Schools
    National School Boards Association
    Alexandria, VA