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Recommendations for Grading During COVID-19 (Apr 2020)

  • 1.  Recommendations for Grading During COVID-19 (Apr 2020)

    Posted 04-06-2020 09:32:00 AM
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    In the interests of protecting the health and safety of our communities from COVID-19, schools are closing their doors, some until the end of this school year. Among other issues, this brings up the question of grading. Because the grades students receive are used for many high-stakes decisions-course placement, graduation, scholarships, college admission, and more-policymakers and school / district leaders are looking for expert guidance on whether, and how, to grade students during this very unique time.


    The Crescendo Education Group has released grading recommendations that are grounded in research on effective evaluation, culturally responsive teaching and learning, and this group's work since 2013 in multiple geographic and socioeconomic contexts. They also incorporate feedback from teachers as well school and district leaders.

    These grading recommendations are attached to this communication and can also be found here:
    Recommendations for Grading During COVID-19 (Apr 2020) 

    Adam Lustig
    Director, Center for Safe Schools
    National School Boards Association
    Alexandria, VA